London – Usual Suspect Invasion!!

May 2, 2008

Rawls @ Herbal in London
What's up yall? I just wanted to touch base with you...ya man J Rizzle 
is doin my DJ tour and first stop - London! Am I excited! I haven't been 
to London in years yall...and Im back at the Herbal; the monthly event 
put on by my man DJ Spin Doctor!
I had a pretty good flight...took about 8 hours...and I don't remember 
it being that long last off the plane and my man James 
picked me up and we chatted about politics....London's election for 
mayor was yesterday and the decision will be made today between 
Livingston and Boris (I think that's his name) Spin seems to think Boris 
will win and James says it should be Livingston....I will let you know 

Its about 2 hours til I perform and im chillin at Spin's crib watchin 
Law & Order! LOL...its basically like Im at home...I just finished 
watching Fresh Prince and some Cosby I got my sitcoms so you 
know Im straight!  Ok...packin up the serato about to head to the 
club....holla at you in a minute!
Photo Credit - DREDISM

(Music Over Madness – Zero Tolerance Remix)

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