Who’s Killin it in the UK? Everybody wanna say u K?

May 3, 2008

Sup yall, day 2 in the UK- did my thing at Herbal in London…hit em with that hip hop! And they loved it…I had a ball London and can’t wait to get back!

Saturday morning…flipping through the channels, its like America – Runs House, Back to the Future, everybody Loves Raymond, etc. They even have Britains Next Top Model…lol. So yeah yall, Boris Johnson won the election, so its a change in power over here….but I haven’t seen too much talk about it…there’s more fuss over the football (soccer, for my American cats) games…speaking of football, I was supposed to go see a game. Got up early, got dressed, got my camera, got outside to go to the game and Spin noticed, there was nobody around….turns out my man Spin Doctor got the date wrong…. no game today! Its tomorrow….but I will be in Liverpool…

Gerald from Jazzman Records picked me up to go to Liverpool. He had the Suped up Sportscar….we rollin doin 120KM on the highway….LOL….we kicked it though. Got to Liverpool, checked into the hotel and headed to the spot….its called the Magnet….pretty fly spot. nice and big….did my thing….and this was a crowd I could play a little bit of everything! Went from Apache, to Chic, to Sugarhill Gang…..

Man im back at the hotel, bouts to crash! off to Dublin, Ireland tomorrow……stay with me y’all -more to come!


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