Some Time Off

May 7, 2008

May 6-7

My Off Days!
Ok so the Gilles thing was incredible…I was blessed enough to do an interview with the legendary Gilles Peterson. They tell me it will air next Thursday, May 15th…so make sure you tune in or download!

I did another dope interview on with DJ Excalibah…that was crazy because it was recorded live! 

So Im hanging with DJ Spin Doctor. He’s one of the largest promoters in London and next we went to chill out with Peter Adarkwah at the famous BBE records lair! I got the chance to get some gems! As you know BBE has put out records by everyone such as Pete Rock, WIll I Am, J Dilla, Marley Marl and the list goes on and on…So Im hangin out with Peter and Spin Diesel (thats Spin Doctor’s new name from J Rawls lol) my man Marc Mac comes through and hangs out…we all talk for hours about the state of the music industry….you know how much the industry has changed – so that convo could have lasted for days! LOL…
Of course me and Spin went diggin! You know how I do…..found a couple gems…found a couple records that I have no idea what they are. I love those because you never know what you will find! 
These past two days my dude Spin Doctor has been gracious enough to let me stay in his “flat” and I gotta say biggup to him for that! 
I also learned some new words…”quid” is bucks…like gimme 50 quid…lol. And “kip” is sleep. Its been a great trip…but man am I missing home….aint nuthin like the C.O.


4 Responses to “Some Time Off”

  1. bligz said

    what’s good j rizzel. enjoy the remainder of your excursion…….. go and get that quid…… we will have to put that in the lingo dictionary for the cuz phi fam……

    be safe


  2. Max said

    Big choons! Big Love. Big Respect. Good GP show interview last night. Hope you enjoyed the UK. Later M

  3. Looking forward of hearing the Worldwide episode… Been waiting for this!
    He should have played If hiphop was a crime remix. Such a big slept on tune…

  4. P said

    Yo J Rawls, can you drop some news on how the album you are working on together with El Da Sensei is progressing? Would be great to hear some more about it, peace!

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