We Still Got Them HOTEL BEATS! FREE Download!

July 25, 2009

Grab the new Hotel Beats – The Homie J Rawls says to Check out


When you are travelling – Check out our favorite hotels!

J Rawls Top Ten Hotels
10. Hotel Ibis, Cologne Germany
9. Days Inn, Newark Airport
8. Best Western President, NYC
7. Comfort Inn, Hollywood CA
6. Rhett’s house, Long Beach
5. Kweli’s house, Bklyn
4. DJ Center’s house, Bklyn
3. ST. Havel, Prague
2. Marriott, Dayton
1. Hotel Krasnopolsky, Amsterdam

To Download Click the Picture of J Rawls’s  Hotel Room Studio!

J Rawls Hotel Room porta studio

3 Responses to “We Still Got Them HOTEL BEATS! FREE Download!”

  1. RIMAS said

    hello from cali-city colombia,



  2. Kev Mene said

    I’m from Columbus,Ohio. You Dj’d the album release party for THE 3RD the other night. I sit still on my humble church mouse thing but I gotta say the beats you were spinnin are incredible. I don’t have any idea of where the sound came from or the songs to Id BUT I GOTTA get my hands on em. I do a local radio show in Columbus every tuesday from 8-9pm on wcrsfm.org or 102.1-98.3fm called the Steamroom and I don’t even wan step back in the booth without at least one of those BANGS! Dion is family and I believe he’ll vouch for my name but I GOTTA WORK SOMETHIN OUT…what’s good CHIEF?

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