LCP is back!

To Download the new single from the Liquid Crystal Project – please click the picture of LCP

The Liquid Crystal Project photo by Michael Binh

The Story

@J_Rawls and @Copywrite have spent the last 2 days working on a new song, “CURRENT EVENTS”.

They U-streamed the recording session, and released footage by  @DJOSharp


Yesterday, @DJDrasticOhio laid the cuts and @DJOSharp mixed it.

Last night, they released the TV TRACK (; They just wanted yall to feel that track. Just before the song was mastered by Storm 9000, this is the final footage.


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Download the song “Current Events” by Copywrite and J Rawls by clicking the Artwork below!













Current Events – Copywrite & J Rawls

DJ Drastic on the Cuts

DJ O Sharp mixed this down

Shout out to Charles Ewing for visuals












Check out the Liquid Crystal Project Feature in the new Nike Sports “Always On” ad campaign featuring Lamar Odom and the song “Born to Win” by Stalley. The music to this commercial first appeared on the cd, The Liquid Crystal Project I.



Liquid Crystal Project 3 coming soon!

Stay tuned to for details.