Last stop on the tour…..Reda, Poland! I haven’t been to Poland in about 10 years, since the Superrappin tour in 2002. I didn’t know what to expect, but when I got there, I saw nothing but Hip-Hop! They was going off on some Hip-Hop music….It was a great sight to see…and I had a ball…Next Stop….#OHIO

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Tim at always shows love when I come to Europe. He books me every time and every time I come to Duisburg, I have a ball. Big ups Tim! Thank you very much…The last time I came here, I rocked with J Dilla’s little brother, Illa J and Frank Nitt. This time, I got to rock with the legendary SLUM VILLAGE. The group is still making moves but now its original member, T3, Illa J & Young RJ. Needless to say we kicked it, You know how the midwest does! (The D and C.O.)! Enjoy the pictures…Next stop, Reda, Poland!

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So needless to say, Cologne is like my second home in Europe…my distributor of over 12 years (Groove Attack – is based there. They have been showing me love for many years and as such many of the people there are like family to me….namely my dude Demi. I can’t put a picture of him on here because he keeps a low profile…LOL. But I enjoyed myself at Subway with my peoples DJ CEM! His Beatpackers party has been a regular destination of mine every time I come to Cologne! We had a ball…and later on I got to enjoy the city a little bit and even go digging! So you know I was happy! Next up….Duisburg, Germany with SLUM VILLAGE!

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On the Road….Berlin

July 20, 2012

What can I say? Germany is like a second home. My distributor, Groove Attack, is based in Koln, so I have a lot of people in Germany. Berlin is one of my favorite places. I get to see my booking agent, Karin! (what up Karin!) who always takes care of me. I also got to see my dude B SKI – He was me and Fat Jon’s tour manager back in 2004. I found out is a comedian now! (check him out – – I’ve known him for years and I can TOTALLY see him being a comedian! Ok…next up…Cologne!

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On the Road….Amsterdam

July 19, 2012

So….Next up was Amsterdam! I didnt have any gigs, just DIGGING! Anyone who has ever been digging in Amsterdam knows that is the PLACE to dig! I came up on some gems! Big ups to my peoples Pay and Mags for showing me a good time at Wok to Walk and for introducing me to the legendary Bootie Brown and Imani of the Pharcyde! I had a ball. Next up….Berlin!

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On the Road….London

July 17, 2012

Big shout to the homies DJ Spin Doctor and Mr. Thing for showing me a great time in London! Peace to my man Ian for taking me around and hipping me to Vanessa Feltz! Ha, she was hilarious! Of course Mr. Thing took me DIGGING and as usual, I overdid it! and I met the world famous DJ VADIM! He Killed it! But I had a ball….see the pics below…more soon! Up Next – Amsterdam and Berlin!

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What’s up y’all?

On Sunday, I head out to Oakland to shoot a video for the upcoming Casual and J Rawls album “RESPECT GAME OR EXPECT FLAMES”. Needless to say, I am excited about that….To all my Bay Area cats, get at me, lets build while I’m out there…

After that, I’m going back out to EUROPE!! Can’t wait to see all my Euro family that I haven’t seen in a while. Let me give y’all the schedule. If you are around the way when I’m out there, come check me:


Fri        13            London, East Village

Wed      18            Berlin, Cassiopeia

Thu       19            Köln, Subway

Fri        20            Duisburg, High5 Club 

Sat       21            Reda, Rap All Night vol.5 Festival

Stay tuned to this page and my instagram (jrawls82) for updates!

Hit me up @J_Rawls