May 17, 2013

The trailer for the first season of Columbus Kings is finally here!

Columbus Kings: Season 1 will profile the music careers of eight Columbus Hip-Hop artists, including P. BlackkCopywriteVadaFabrashay AHodgie StreetFly UnionRashad and J Rawls.

As announced in the trailer, the documentary series will air its first episode on May 30 and will release a new episode every Thursday at 8 p.m. EST for the following seven weeks.

You can see every episode through numerous online outlets including and

The Season 1 trailer features Vada (formerly known as L.e for the Uncool) speaking on his home turf, Krumm Park and how it has taught him many life lessons beyond what you hear in his music. The trailer features the song “First Of All,” Vada’s opening track to his 2011 project The Measure.

Follow #ColumbusKings on Twitter at @CBusKings and visit for all of the latest information on Columbus Kings: Season 1.

Watch the Columbus Kings: Season 1 Trailer below:


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