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“God’s Connect/Shining Bright”


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Polar Entertainment’s own J RAWLS will be performing in February in Columbus, Ohio

February 1st
J Rawls will be DJing at Double Happiness (482 South Front Street) with Copywrite and Jenny Arcade
February 8th
J Rawls and THE LIQUID CRYSTAL PROJECT will be at Carabar (115 Parsons Ave.)
Tribute to J DILLA night alongside Zero Star, DJ Pos 2, JaySwiffa and Maggz
February 16th
J Rawls will be DJing for the Ohio State Hip Hop Literacies Conference at the Kings Arts Complex (867 Mt. Vernon Ave)
with Yo-Yo and MC Toni Blackman
Hip Hop Conference Flyer front-1

Guess what y’all – I’m Back!!! I am here with a vengeance! You are going to get a lot of new J Rawls in the next few months! J Rawls and Count Bass D album, a new Lone Catalysts album, and a new Liquid Crystal Project called LCP 3!

But I have just completed my new album THE HIP-HOP AFFECT! Who’s on THE HIP-HOP AFFECT? I’m glad you asked. I got Diamond D, Ohno the disrupt, Kev Brown, J Sands, Fat Jon, Rhymefest, Stalley, El Da Sensei, John Robinson, Afaliah, Sadat X, Wise Intelligent, Nottz, Oddisee, Pete Rock, Lefortheuncool, Spirit, Senor Kaos, Ed OG, Bad Azz (Dogg Pound), Copywrite…and so many more.

I am here to present to you with my new mixtape which has the first single from THE HIP-HOP AFFECT. The single is called

We’re On Top (#OhioTakeOver) featuring 25 emcee’s from Ohio

Emcees listed in order of appearance

Featuring:  Count Bass D (Canton), Trav Dave (Columbus), Rashad (Columbus), Co-City (Columbus), J Osceola (Columbus), Lefortheuncool (Columbus), Stalley (Massilon), Tage (MHz, Columbus), Copywrite (MHz, Columbus), Donwill (Tanya Morgan, Cincinnati), 6S (Akron), Donte (Mood, Cincinnati), Piakhan (Cincinnati), Ilyas (Tanya Morgan, Cincinnati), Main Flo (Mood, Cincinnati), Dominique Larue (Columbus), Hood Apostle (Columbus), ILL Poetic (Dayton), ILLOGIC (Columbus), Iyeball (Fly.Union, Columbus), JaySwifa (Fly.Union, Columbus), Jerreau (Fly.Union, Columbus), P Blackk (Columbus) & J Rawls

The mixtape features new music from Fly.Union, Lefortheuncool, Copywrite and Stalley and much more. My goal is to let everyone know what is going on here in OHIO. I even went back in time and put some classic Ohio hip-hop on there. Enjoy and spread it around. Big Ups to James Hindley from the-Cave.co.uk for the artwork!

The album THE HIP-HOP AFFECT  is coming in May 2011

My company, Polar Ent LLC is in full swing. We have t shirts, hats and a couple new albums on the way so stay tuned to http://www.polarentllc.com – if you got any comments, get at me on twitter @J_Rawls – you got any new music that I need to hear, hit up my team, Buka (milliondollarman72@gmail.com) or O Sharp (@DJOsharp).

By the way, check my new YouTube station – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6GIXE38be6o more videos coming soon!

…alright enough of this talking….

Title: #OhioTakeOver the Mixtape
By: J Rawls
1. J Rawls Intro
2. Slapp – Stalley f. Rashad
3. Good to Go – Fly Union
4. Aint I – Dominique LaRue
5. What’s My Name – Illogic
6. J Rawls – I’m Me Intro
7. Trav Dave – I’m Me
8. 6S – Have you Ever
9. Hood Apostle – Grooveback
10. Speak Williams – The City
11. J Rawls – The City Outro
12. J Rawls – Capricorn Intro
13. Shoddy T – Capricorn
14. J Rawls – Ol’ School OHIO intro
15. Camu Tao – Hold the Floor
16. Spitball – Ya Times Up f. Copywrite
17. Neccassary (of SPIRIT) – I Swear
18. Basic Element – C’mon
19. The 3rd – Brazil
20. P. Blackk – Concorde Rollin’
21. P. Blackk – Izuaintorizuwitit
22. J Rawls & LE – Send Me (Special Bonus Song)
23. Copywrite – Mega Mega f. Camu Tao, Tage, Jakki and RJD2
24. Ilyas – I-EL Live from OHIO
25. J. Osceola – You Can’t Stop Me
26. Ill Poetic – Gone
27. J. Rawls – OhioTakeOver Outro
28. J Rawls – We’re On Top (#OhioTakeOver)

Go DOWNLOAD the #OHIOTakeOver mixtape

Click the Cover to download the Mixtape!Back Cover and Tracklisting

Columbus, OHIO, Whole World!!!
How yall doing? I missed yall but I'm still here. I been tucked away in the lab working on several projects. Oh what am I working on? Well I won't go into too many details but here's a lil taste:

1. I'm working on a New J Rawls album in conjunction with Nature Sounds (http://nature-sounds.net/)
2. I'm finishing up the J Rawls & El Da Sensei project
3. The Heart of it All project featuring MC's from OH10! (list coming soon)
4. J Rawls & Polar Ent Presents: LefortheUncool - his first project for sale

and last but not least our Monthly event at the Ravari Room - THE HEAD NOD

make sure you come out and hang with us this Memorial Day weekend. The Head Nod Track 3 will feature The USUAL SUSPECTS djing all of your favorite tunes from our fallen entertainers such as: Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, Big L, Jam Master Jay, Left Eye and many others.

What’s up yall! Just a lil download of some of my favorite joints poppin right now –  and a few joints that aren’t new but still sound good!  Check out my little mini mix – something to get you to and from work!

Click on me and Diamond D to get the new J RAWLS Mini mix!


1. Special Treat
2. Capricorn – Shaddy T (from the 3rd)
3. Someday – DJ KO
4. Take it from me – Quelle
5. Anti parachute theory – Le for the Uncool
6. Bout it bout it – Johnson n Jonson
7. More Soup – Moka Only n MF Doom
8. Oh Six – Moka Only
9. Get it in – Emerald Morrell
10. Marvelous – Baatin
11. Delusional – Oddisee
12. Exhibit C – Jay Electronica

Download Link: http://www.zshare.net/audio/709803649f2e8031/

Grab the new Hotel Beats – The Homie J Rawls says to Check out


When you are travelling – Check out our favorite hotels!

J Rawls Top Ten Hotels
10. Hotel Ibis, Cologne Germany
9. Days Inn, Newark Airport
8. Best Western President, NYC
7. Comfort Inn, Hollywood CA
6. Rhett’s house, Long Beach
5. Kweli’s house, Bklyn
4. DJ Center’s house, Bklyn
3. ST. Havel, Prague
2. Marriott, Dayton
1. Hotel Krasnopolsky, Amsterdam

To Download Click the Picture of J Rawls’s  Hotel Room Studio!

J Rawls Hotel Room porta studio


September 13, 2008

Another One

Digital Visual

September 13, 2008

Some Time Off

May 7, 2008

May 6-7

My Off Days!
Ok so the Gilles thing was incredible…I was blessed enough to do an interview with the legendary Gilles Peterson. They tell me it will air next Thursday, May 15th…so make sure you tune in or download!

I did another dope interview on Pyroradio.com with DJ Excalibah…that was crazy because it was recorded live! 

So Im hanging with DJ Spin Doctor. He’s one of the largest promoters in London and next we went to chill out with Peter Adarkwah at the famous BBE records lair! I got the chance to get some gems! As you know BBE has put out records by everyone such as Pete Rock, WIll I Am, J Dilla, Marley Marl and the list goes on and on…So Im hangin out with Peter and Spin Diesel (thats Spin Doctor’s new name from J Rawls lol) my man Marc Mac comes through and hangs out…we all talk for hours about the state of the music industry….you know how much the industry has changed – so that convo could have lasted for days! LOL…
Of course me and Spin went diggin! You know how I do…..found a couple gems…found a couple records that I have no idea what they are. I love those because you never know what you will find! 
These past two days my dude Spin Doctor has been gracious enough to let me stay in his “flat” and I gotta say biggup to him for that! 
I also learned some new words…”quid” is bucks…like gimme 50 quid…lol. And “kip” is sleep. Its been a great trip…but man am I missing home….aint nuthin like the C.O.


Back in London Gatwick and on the Gatwick Express into Victoria to meet Mike Lewis…today is the big interview with Mr. Gilles Peterson himself….if you know who Gilles is, then you know how big this is for an artist like me who has been pushing his music independently…a thousand things are going through my head…like what am gonna say? Am I gonna remember o pub everything I wanna pub? Am I gonna sound like a blithering idiot….haha who knows…I guess imma just do me…tune in to BBC Worldwide – the Gilles Peterson show to here the interview…then go comment on my myspace page (myspace.com/jrawls) to tell me how I sounded….ok off to Gilles show…peace