Some Time Off

May 7, 2008

May 6-7

My Off Days!
Ok so the Gilles thing was incredible…I was blessed enough to do an interview with the legendary Gilles Peterson. They tell me it will air next Thursday, May 15th…so make sure you tune in or download!

I did another dope interview on with DJ Excalibah…that was crazy because it was recorded live! 

So Im hanging with DJ Spin Doctor. He’s one of the largest promoters in London and next we went to chill out with Peter Adarkwah at the famous BBE records lair! I got the chance to get some gems! As you know BBE has put out records by everyone such as Pete Rock, WIll I Am, J Dilla, Marley Marl and the list goes on and on…So Im hangin out with Peter and Spin Diesel (thats Spin Doctor’s new name from J Rawls lol) my man Marc Mac comes through and hangs out…we all talk for hours about the state of the music industry….you know how much the industry has changed – so that convo could have lasted for days! LOL…
Of course me and Spin went diggin! You know how I do…..found a couple gems…found a couple records that I have no idea what they are. I love those because you never know what you will find! 
These past two days my dude Spin Doctor has been gracious enough to let me stay in his “flat” and I gotta say biggup to him for that! 
I also learned some new words…”quid” is bucks…like gimme 50 quid…lol. And “kip” is sleep. Its been a great trip…but man am I missing home….aint nuthin like the C.O.


Back in London Gatwick and on the Gatwick Express into Victoria to meet Mike Lewis…today is the big interview with Mr. Gilles Peterson himself….if you know who Gilles is, then you know how big this is for an artist like me who has been pushing his music independently…a thousand things are going through my head…like what am gonna say? Am I gonna remember o pub everything I wanna pub? Am I gonna sound like a blithering idiot….haha who knows…I guess imma just do me…tune in to BBC Worldwide – the Gilles Peterson show to here the interview…then go comment on my myspace page ( to tell me how I sounded….ok off to Gilles show…peace

Bubblin in Dublin

May 4, 2008

J Rawls in Dublin Ireland

If you haven’t been to Ireland, let me tell you – that’s a fabulous European city! My host was King Tee and his dj crew ‘the elbow room’ – these dudes have Dublin on lock and they had the place jumpin by the time I walked in….of course with time always being of the essence, I didn’t have much time to set up properly…so of course I ended up having serato problems! I must have jinxed myself because I was just thinking that I have never had any major problems with serato…well today ended that streak. I couldnt get the left turntable to work for anything…oh it was one of those nights. But the elbow room helped me make the best of it….so I rocked the whole night with one serato table and one vinyl table…lol. Couldn’t play the set I wanted but I think the people of dublin stll had fun….oh well back to London tomorrow.

Sup yall, day 2 in the UK- did my thing at Herbal in London…hit em with that hip hop! And they loved it…I had a ball London and can’t wait to get back!

Saturday morning…flipping through the channels, its like America – Runs House, Back to the Future, everybody Loves Raymond, etc. They even have Britains Next Top Model…lol. So yeah yall, Boris Johnson won the election, so its a change in power over here….but I haven’t seen too much talk about it…there’s more fuss over the football (soccer, for my American cats) games…speaking of football, I was supposed to go see a game. Got up early, got dressed, got my camera, got outside to go to the game and Spin noticed, there was nobody around….turns out my man Spin Doctor got the date wrong…. no game today! Its tomorrow….but I will be in Liverpool…

Gerald from Jazzman Records picked me up to go to Liverpool. He had the Suped up Sportscar….we rollin doin 120KM on the highway….LOL….we kicked it though. Got to Liverpool, checked into the hotel and headed to the spot….its called the Magnet….pretty fly spot. nice and big….did my thing….and this was a crowd I could play a little bit of everything! Went from Apache, to Chic, to Sugarhill Gang…..

Man im back at the hotel, bouts to crash! off to Dublin, Ireland tomorrow……stay with me y’all -more to come!


Rawls @ Herbal in London
What's up yall? I just wanted to touch base with you...ya man J Rizzle 
is doin my DJ tour and first stop - London! Am I excited! I haven't been 
to London in years yall...and Im back at the Herbal; the monthly event 
put on by my man DJ Spin Doctor!
I had a pretty good flight...took about 8 hours...and I don't remember 
it being that long last off the plane and my man James 
picked me up and we chatted about politics....London's election for 
mayor was yesterday and the decision will be made today between 
Livingston and Boris (I think that's his name) Spin seems to think Boris 
will win and James says it should be Livingston....I will let you know 

Its about 2 hours til I perform and im chillin at Spin's crib watchin 
Law & Order! LOL...its basically like Im at home...I just finished 
watching Fresh Prince and some Cosby I got my sitcoms so you 
know Im straight!  Ok...packin up the serato about to head to the 
club....holla at you in a minute!
Photo Credit - DREDISM

(Music Over Madness – Zero Tolerance Remix)